Hearing Otherworldly Music. The Model, Sligo

Maria Loboda
The Model Sligo
Press release

Maria Loboda is an artist of international distinction, who has exhibited widely across the globe over the past decade. Loboda first showed at The Model in 2015 as part of the Psychic Lighthouse exhibition, and we are very pleased to present her first solo exhibition in Ireland, which tours to The Model from Ujazdowski Castle, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

In an intriguing and eclectic practice, which defies categorisation, Loboda acts as an artistic archaeologist, excavating, reframing, connecting and illuminating elements of our shared cultural history, from antiquity, through modernity and the contemporary. Language, meaning, signs and symbols coalesce in Loboda’s work to create, deconstruct and recreate stories that are once personal and universal. Her titles themselves are one-line poems, which assist the viewer in the navigation of Loboda’s artistic concerns – “I always try to build the show around a small story – a haiku, as it were – so that all the works ‘belong to each other’ and interact.” Drawing influence from the works of Alfred Hitchcock, Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allan Poe amongst others; Loboda deflects viewers from literal meanings in her works, and instead  creates a world governed by dream-logic and its associated system of codes, symbols, puzzles and metaphors.

Maria Loboda. OMNIABSENT, exhibition view at Maisterravalbuena, 2020
Maria Loboda. Exhibition view, The Model Sligo.
Maria Loboda. Exhibition view, The Model Sligo.
Maria Loboda. Exhibition view, The Model Sligo.