VI. Claros que se dejan al imprimir para estampar allí letras con tinta de otro color

Silvia Bächli Jerónimo Elespe Diego Lara
La reinvención de una galería: exposiciones en cadena, casi por sorpresa_El País_1 de julio 2020 Cruces y letras de Amalia Avia y Sarah Grilo_El Cultural_10-16 de julio 2020 Un encuentro inesperado_ ABC Cultural_11 de julio 2020 Encuentros en la galería_El Cultural_10 de agosto 2020
Press release

We are pleased to share with you Encuentro, a cycle of ten exhibitions to be held uninterruptedly June 2020 through February 2021.

Our door will remain open, with no openings or closings, as part of an ongoing programme whose running theme is meetings and encounters, seeking to highlight the longstanding role of art galleries as meeting places. Meetings of collectors and specialists with the artist and the work, marked by a common interest in art and a desire to belong, to form part of a community.

With the entire gallery now becoming a back room, the aim of this cycle is to foster discovery and surprise, with the work of art as the focus of the experience. We want to bring about the careful gaze that goes hand in hand with long and leisurely conversations, often held at the collector’s home or the artist’s studio, through the personal encounter with the work of art and its immediate context.

The cycle showcases the work of thirty artists belonging to three different generations. The exhibitions include works of great historical relevance and also more recent pieces connected to one another through previous formal or thematic criteria, eliciting unexpected relationships on every occasion. Experience, in the present tense, will mark the evolution of every exhibition, encouraging changes in each one as they happen throughout the cycle.

We would love to count on your support for this initiative designed to create a space that encourages discovery, an exchange of views and an interplay to bring about new questions on every occasion.

Acknowledgements: Clearing New York/ Brussels; Barbara Gross; Herald St. London; Bruno Lara; Tanya Leighton, Berlin; Galería Marlborough, Madrid; Meyer Riegger, Berlin/Karlsruhe; Familia Muñoz Avia; Nordés, Santiago de Compostela; Galería Pelaires, Mallorca; and all the artists.

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Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Exhibition view
Exhibition view