Daniel Jacoby

Lima, 1985
Delfina Presents: Autumn Residents 2017. Performance
Delfina Presents: Autumn Residents 2017. Performance
Sydney Went Looking for the Strongest Animal in the Jungle But Found the Rain Instead, 2016. Painted CNC’ed MDF, metal fixings and clothing. Sara Hilden Museum, Tampere
Sydney wrote hammock though meant to write hard-work, 2016. MDF-cut-outs, acrylic and cotton. 114 x 128 cm
Sydney Took a Leap of Faith, 2016. MDF cut-outs, acrylic and cotton. 154 x 70 x 20 cm

Jagata, 2016. HD single-channel video transferred to flash memory. Edition of 5 + 1 AP

There's a Tortoise, There's a Parrot, There's a Whale, 2014. Metal frame, painted MDF shelf, objects. 242 x 70 x 97 cm
Sydney pende de un hilo, no obstante bien cosido, 2016. Painted laser-cut alumminium pieces, painted CNC’ed MDF, fixings, clothing. 142 x 115 x 62 cm
The Things To (in Turquoise Tortoise-Turmoil), 2014. Water-cut inkjet-printed stainless steel, ropes, cords, webbings and various climbing accessories
Towel sculptures, 2013. Installation view . 1646, Le Hague
Olimpic (53, 344, 355), 2014. Steel structures, objects. Variable dimensions
Living by the Las Vegas Algorithm, 2015. 100 meters of climbing rope, cable binders. Dimensions variable